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Ship Shape Pay for Workers from Abroad

Over the last twelve years Ship Shape has helped thousands of workers from abroad get started in the UK. Ship Shape can contract with you under as Self Employed or as an Umbrella employee. As an umbrella employee you are able to claim your airfare to the UK against tax within the rules of the UK tax authorities. We have been vetted by HMRC (UK tax authority) and each week pay thousands of workers like you in these ways.

Our margin starts from only £7.40 per week, and the tax savings and free benefits included mean you will be left significantly better off from using the service!

Free Bank Account opened immediately on arrival

It’s notoriously difficult to get a UK bank account arranged once you have arrived in the UK, our special arrangement with HSBC will have you set-up with no hassle.

Free mobile SIM dispatched to you before you leave home

Our special arrangement with EE (one of the biggest UK mobile companies) allows us to send you a SIM with a pre-allocated UK mobile number to give to friends and family before you leave. Once you start being paid through Ship Shape Pay you will then automatically receive unlimited minutes, unlimited SMS and 2GB of data on the super fast 4G network each month without all the hassle of applying for a contract. You can also add extra overseas minutes and other add-ons.

Claim your airfare to the UK!!

Register with Ship Shape before you set off for UK and you can legitimately claim your airfare as a tax deductable work expense, receiving its full value with no tax in your first few payments. So register now and hold onto your receipts from now on!

Tax efficient

Most UK agencies will ask temporary workers to contract with a third party such as Ship Shape and we provide three tax efficient contract options: PAYE Umbrella employment, Self Employed (which is common in construction, for example) and Limited Company (generally for higher paid workers). You will need the right advice to stay compliant with UK tax law and we have the experience and qualified staff to provide this.

Secure Personal Portal

When you use Ship Shape all the pay and tax information you require to comply with UK rules is stored in one place – this also makes things simple if you want to claim a tax refund when returning home, for example.

Free personal and company tax returns

Forget about extra fees for an accountant, the services of the ICAEW certified accountants at Ship Shape Accounting are included free of charge when you contract with Ship Shape. This includes tax advice and end of year returns - well worth doing when you consider when we secure an average refund of £1,200 and some providers charge over £200 for this service!

For a full list of all the free benefits view the dedicated pages for Umbrella, Self Employed, Limited Company.

There is also more information on the pages of Ship Shape Accounting.

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Four weeks free at each new job

Make Ship Shape Pay your personal payroll and take it with you when you change jobs. We’ll keep all your records in one place and charge no payroll margin for the first 4 weeks when you introduce Ship Shape as your payroll provider at a new agency/end hirer. This could save you £120 on payroll fees that you will otherwise pay if forced onto a new payroll service.