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Could you take home more pay?

Use the Ship Shape take home pay calculator to work out immediately how much more money you could be taking home. You could take home up to 30% more pay through Ship Shape. Simply enter your Hourly Rate, Hours Per Week worked and work related Expenses*.

Ship Shape service benefits at a glance

Umbrella Self Employed & Limited Company
HMRC compliant Yes Yes
Four weeks margin free at each new job Yes Yes
Electronic pay transfer Yes Yes
Free company mobile Yes Yes
Free personal tax returns Yes Yes
Professional expenses handling Yes Yes
Tax position updated weekly Yes Yes
Free CSCS test Yes Yes
Minimum wage adherence Yes N/A
HMRC subsistence dispensation Yes -
Pension Plan Yes -
Paid holiday / statutory leave Yes -
Childcare vouchers Yes -
Cycle to work scheme Yes -

More about these benefits

Insurance: Public Liability insurance cover of £5m, plus accident insurance paying £300 a week income support for up to two years, all for just £2.99 per week.

Free mobile: Never pay a mobile bill again! We supply you with a Vodafone SIM to use in your current handset, providing unlimited minutes, unlimited SMS and 5GB of data each month, all free of charge.

Free personal tax returns: Other providers charge almost £200 for this service and accountants even more.

Four weeks margin free at each new role: We charge no payroll margin for the first 4 weeks when you introduce Ship Shape as your payroll provider at a new agency/end hirer.

Referral bonus: We also provide generous bonus payments of up to £500 for introducing friends, new agencies and employers to Ship Shape.

Tax position in your pay remittance: For your peace of mind and financial planning, we include an up to date summary of your tax position with each pay remittance.

Childcare vouchers: Our innovative scheme is based on the Government initiative designed to help parents afford high quality childcare. You are able to claim up to £55 weekly or £243 monthly to pay for nurseries, childminders, even out of school activities for older children.

Cycle to work scheme: Once employed by Ship Shape Pay, choose a bike from one of the 1,000+ cycle scheme partner stores. Then apply for the scheme online, entering our employer code and signing an online hire scheme. The tax savings allowed by the Government, encouraging us to all to be fit and 'Green', mean that you will get your new bike at about half price!

*Expenses: Since April 2016 umbrella workers may not claim tax relief on costs associated with travel from home or subsistence. Self Employed or Limited Company are able to claim all expenses 'wholly and exclusively' associated with carrying on their business. Enter an estimate here (e.g. £50 per week) in order to see the effect on your annual tax position.

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