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Worker FAQs

PAYE / Umbrella

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Q. What is an umbrella company?
A. An umbrella company provides employment to workers under an over-arching contract.
Q. What will my employment status be?
A. You will be an employee of Ship Shape Payroll Ltd and will have full employee status.
Q. When will I receive Payment?
A. We pay you cleared funds through the BACS system into your bank account two days after receiving cleared funds pertaining to your work. Same day CHAPS payments are also available (details available on request).
Q. Will I receive holiday pay?
A. The statutory level of holiday pay due to you is calculated based on your contracted rate of pay and hours worked in the pay period and is released to you with payment for each period.
Q. What benefits am I entitled to?
A. All statutory employment benefits. Further information is available upon request.
Q. Can Ship Shape find work for me?
A. Yes. Should you request it, Ship Shape will search for work for you with our network of partner recruitment agencies. Ensure that you notify us when your contracts approach an end.
Q. Will you issue me with a P45?
A. Yes. As we are your employer, we will issue you with a P45 when requested by you on leaving our employment.
Q. Will I have to pay any extra tax?
A. Ship Shape Pay deducts the correct amount of Tax and NI contributions from your salary; therefore there should be no further tax to pay.
Q. Will I need to sign an employment contract with Ship Shape Pay?
A. Yes, please read the terms of employment on the registration pages of our website. If you are registered without agreeing to these terms we will post you a paper copy of these terms to sign and return to us in the self-addressed envelope provided. You will also need to read our expense guidelines to ensure that you only claim legitimate business related expenses. (Available from our website:
Q. Who do I call if I have any queries or problems?
A. Please contact Ship Shape’s trained Consultants on 020 7706 5260.