Government forced to concede Loan Charge review

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A cross-party group of MPs has forced the government to agree to a review of the Loan Charge. Conservative Whips attempted to coerce MPs into line, but despite their efforts many backbenchers made it clear that they intended to support a call for a review of the Loan Charge. The DUP also supported the call for a review, leaving the… Read more »

Hard Brexit – specify VAT or delay MTD

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A chartered tax body has said that the current guidance on VAT, should the UK crash out of the EU, is so lax that it justifies delaying Making Tax Digital. This, according to the body, is the most pressing problem for MTD, which is set to start just as the UK would come out of the EU. In addition, many… Read more »

Umbrella companies face regulation

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The UK Government has finally decided to introduce regulation for umbrella companies. In response to the Taylor Review. The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) announced that umbrella companies will be under the regulation of the Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate (EASI). The Government has accepted 19 recommendations from the review, which listed 35 recommendations in total. For contractors,… Read more »

Review of Loan Charge 2019 accepted

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UK Prime Minister Theresa May has entered the debate about Loan Charge 2019 after an amendment calling for its review was successful. Sir Ed Davey tabled the amendment, and the Government has now accepted the review. May did not accept Davey’s offer of a meeting to discuss the situation, but she did say that Chancellor Philip Hammond would meet him… Read more »

HMRC publishes results of consultation on agency workers

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HMRC has published a document in response to the Matthew Taylor Report on Modern Working Practices. The document’s title is Responses to Consultation on Recommendations for Agency Workers. The Government commissioned Taylor’s report in 2017. Its aim was to investigate the UK’s modern working conditions, which were changing due to the rise of companies such as Uber and zero-hour contracts…. Read more »

ContractorCalculator’s IR35 MP hit list

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Last month, ContractorCalculator carried out research revealing that many MPs will lose their seats if they do not get the self-employed vote. The results of the research came from a prior survey of contractors and figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). ContractorCalculator has now published a list of the top 100 MPs who are at risk of losing… Read more »

Employment law changes

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As Brexit continues to dominate the news, construction employers should be aware of several employment law changes that will come into effect in 2019. The first change that will affect the construction industry is the post-Brexit immigration rules. Regardless of whether the UK exits with a deal or crashes out of the EU, the rules concerning the employment of EU… Read more »

Universal Credit delayed

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Universal Credit has always been controversial, so the UK government’s decision to delay its rollout is welcome by many, including freelancer group IPSE. The group also urged the government to reform parts of the policy that penalise the self-employed. The problem is that the Universal Credit payment will vary each month depending on how much an individual earns and other… Read more »

Updates on the Apprenticeship Levy

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Apprentice training in the UK is undergoing changes as the government looks to make the process more responsive to employers’ needs. In the construction sector, the Apprenticeship Levy is proving to be unpopular, as it does not consider the way that the industry works. Any organisation that has a wage bill of over £3m annually must pay the levy. HMRC… Read more »

UK government misses payment target

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Late payment is a problem for many small businesses, but now the UK government itself is missing its own targets to pay its suppliers on time. It said that it intends to be a model payer and settle with 80% of its suppliers within a five-day period and the rest within a 30-day period. The latest figures, however, show that… Read more »