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Changing nature of HMRC enquiries

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Formerly, HMRC enquiries used to be conducted by the organisation, which would arrange a date and time to visit a business, arriving on the day with a blank questionnaire. The investigators would review the company’s books, looking for any errors, and would interview the main shareholders and directors. An enquiry would usually be triggered by a sudden rise in expenses… Read more »

Autumn Budget announcements affecting contractors

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The Autumn Budget 2017 was a mixed one for contractors. On the one hand, it seemed that the expansion of IR35 to the private sector has come nearer, whilst on the other, there were no tax hikes. In addition, there is some optimism that the government, with its announcement of a series of discussion and consultation documents, may be more… Read more »

HMRC “deliberate error” penalties up

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Penalties levied by HMRC for deliberate tax return errors have risen by 19 per cent in 2016-17. These penalties are issued to taxpayers who the organisation deems to have deliberately made erroneous tax returns. Last year, the number of “deliberate error” penalties issued was 34,100, which was an increase from the 28,700 issued in 2015 to 2016. The figures come… Read more »