Free mobile

Our payroll service is the only one to provide a free mobile service including unlimited minutes of calls, unlimited SMS and 5GB of data each month on the Vodafone network.

Have we gone crazy?

No. As you move between jobs using our payroll service we will be introduced to new agencies and contractors who may be interested in our services. Continued free mobile is your reward for staying with Ship Shape Pay as you change jobs and give us those introductions.

So say goodbye to mobile phone bills!

Insist on being paid through Ship Shape’s payroll service at each new job. It is your right to choose how you are paid and will keep your mobile bill at zero. Between jobs or in a job where you are unable to be paid through Ship Shape the phone costs £24.99 per month which is a still a great rate, as we achieve discounts by buying the mobile contracts in large volume. As soon as you are paid through Ship Shape again for two weeks in any month the bill disappears again.

How to take up this great offer:

Just call us on 020 7706 5240 and we will take you through the set up process. We will send you the free Vodafone SIM to use in your current mobile. You can also use your current mobile number on this SIM, just ask your current mobile operator for your PUK code.

That’s it! You can cancel the arrangement at any time by giving us just 30 days notice.

Call us now on 020 7706 5240