Agency Worker legislation (umbrella)

...overtime, annual leave and discretionary leave as comparable direct employees.

Ship Shape Pay has a clearly defined service to prevent our clients from suffering heavy financial liabilities under AWR.  Ship Shape ensure the client and their agencies have all the necessary information to ensure AWR rules are met (such as statements of his/her pay rates, employment status, length of employment and time since last employed by the same client) and will identify any workers approaching 12 weeks at risk of being paid less, or working under less favourable conditions than comparable direct employees. Where this is occurring often Ship Shape will propose simple policy adjustments in line with AWR. 

Ship Shape is effectively the first party in the employment chain. In the unlikely event that charges are raised with regard to any agency worker paid through us, the tribunal would charge Ship Shape before any approach to end contractors or their search agencies. Ship Shape is a UK based company with UK directors and all assets held in the UK. Ship Shape will defend and defeat the charges, or pay them.