The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed (IPSE) has called on the Government to adopt a more progressive approach to employment status if it is to align its policy with modern working practices.

The call comes after the release of the Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices.

IPSE Chief Executive Chris Bryce praised the motives behind the report but went on to say that the proposed measures were too reductive and would not bring about the positive change required.

Bryce said: “We were hoping that Matthew Taylor would be more progressive in his thinking, not only on how to determine employment status, but also in addressing the many challenges the self-employed face in their working lives.

“Being arguably the most high-profile problem, we also think the Review could have done more to address false self-employment. Unscrupulous employers engaging workers in sham self-employment contracts are responsible for a lot of the issues raised in the Review, but the Review itself proposes little to tackle this.”

IPSE has been arguing for some time that a stricter definition of employment status is required. The Taylor Review has not taken on board IPSE’s idea for a statutory definition of employment status, but it has tried to draw a line between the different types of employment. The Review has proposed a new “independent contractor” status, and control and direction would be considered when assigning this status to a worker.

However, IPSE has criticised this for being too reductive, arguing that for it to work, all the IR35 indicators would have to be included in the assessment.