Many individuals people put off paying their tax returns until the last minute. However, for those who finally bit the bullet and tried to do their tax return this weeks, they were faced with problems as the website kept crashing.

Many of those who logged in and filled in the forms, attempting to beat the end of January deadline, were left feeling frustrated as the HMRC website was not working, and many took to social media to vent their anger.

Tax payers were unlikely to have been impressed by HMRC’s response that they were not able to say when the problem would be fixed. HMRC said: “We are still fixing the online issues. There is no timescale at the moment but it will be done as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

According to the Evening Standard, the website is now back up and running. An HMRC spokesperson from HMRC said: “There was a temporary issue with one part of the Self Assessment service yesterday. We took action to fix it immediately and it is working normally.”

The failure of the online system was embarrassing for HMRC as the organisation had earlier released an advert featuring two ducks that encouraged tax payers to submit their tax returns early in order to beat the upcoming tax deadline.

Campaigners have also raised concerns over the ban that HMRC has put on individuals paying their tax return either by credit card or at the Post Office. The Low Incomes Tax Reform Group is concerned that those on low wages may have to take out expensive loans in order to pay their tax returns.